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Bringing the Transformational Power of Mindfulness to Underserved Populations.

About Us

Through our projects, Prison Mindfulness Institute (PMI), Engaged Mindfulness Institute (EMI); and the Center for Mindfulness in Public Safety (CMPS), this 501(c) 3 nonprofit specializes in training and connecting professionals and volunteers who support individuals in at-risk situations and underserved communities. Our mission for 30 years has been to provide the most effective, mindfulness and evidence-based tools for self-transformation,  personal & professional development, and to create a community of those engaged in this work.  

Engaged Mindfulness is foundational to all of our work. PMI-EMI-CMPS offers mindfulness-based models of training: Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence (MBEI)™, Mindfulness-Based Wellness & Resiliency (MBWR)™, as well as certifying teacher/facilitators through our 300 and 500-hour Mindfulness Teacher Training.


Why You Should Join

This community site is an 'ad-free' private social networking space where you can make new connections with people working in the world of Engaged Mindfulness. We share resources, collaborate and discuss best practices. You can also take courses here to further develop your skills. as well as joining us for community  Zoom calls, meditating together in our Virtual Zendo, or attending in-person retreats (all announced here). 

Thank you!

To all of our thousands of kind and generous community members and supporters who have supported our work for over 30 years.  
You are awesome!